We provide a quality business in

Ship building & ship repair, steel constructions manufacture & pipe systems.

Strong personnel experience .

Supervisors, Fitters, Welders, Pipe fitters, Pipe welders.

Always ready to start .

Quick mobilization under customer request.


JSC “Danes perlas”- Lithuanian company founded in 2009.

The company provides contracting services and supply qualified human resources for the Shipbuilding and Ship repair industries.

  • Why us?

    Our personnel certified and licensed:

    1. 1. Welding certificates Bureau Veritas, proc 111, 135,136, 138/136(6GR), 141.
    2. 2. VCA/SCC
    3. 3. Cherrypicker
    4. 4. Over head remote control crane’s operator
    5. 5. Confined space
    6. 6. Forklift driver
    7. 7. Scandinavian safety and hot works permits.

  • Our personnel

    1. 1. Supervisors (Foremen).
    2. 2. Fitters (plate workers).
    3. 3. Welders.
    4. 4. Pipe fitters.
    5. 5. Pipe welders.
    6. 6. Painters.
    7. 7. Unqualified labor force.

  • Range of services

    From common tasks of ship building and repairing, steel constructions, pipe systems manufacturing and installations to modernization and conversion. Also coatings, tanks cleaning and unqualified labor force for industrial projects.

  • Our certificates

    NEN 4400-2 sertificate.

Our Methodologies.

We try our best to respond right way at life demands.


We offer the ability to perform the work in mutual beneficial contracting ways.


We are ready to provide our qualified labor force for any scale projects such as vessels reparation during sea voyage, up to providing fully prepared teams with Supervisors to perform modernization works on the Oil Rigs.

Modern approach

To provide the best service for the client, every project is controlled by project manager and administrator.


We provide quick mobilization time and our own transport.

We create personal approach

Each task, each order - is unique. As unique the person, who will make that job. We know every possibility ranges of our workers to show the best correlation with customer.

Quality and safety.

We are constantly invest in our peoples by providing regular training and periodical safety courses.


Strategy, Experience Approach & Technology.

Since 2009, JSC “Danes perlas”, has expanded extensively, and during that time has received experience over a wide range of projects in the following countries: Finland, Netherlands, Germany, UK, Belgium and Singapore.

We are always looking for

English speaking Supervisors

Send your CV to info@danesperlas.lt

6G/6GR welders

Send your CV to info@danesperlas.lt


TIG Welders

Send your CV to info@danesperlas.lt


Our Certificates.

Nen 4400-2 certificate.

Nen 4400-2 certificate
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